Best iPad Apps For Staying Connected

Whether you’re using your iPad to run your business or chat with friends, there are a multitude of apps that can help you do it all. Datamation recently posted a list of 50 apps that you should look at in the categories of email, chat, texting, and social networking. Here are a five of those apps that we thought would interest you.

Multiple Email Signatures Pro: This $.99 app allows you to create multiple email signatures for the different groups you contact.

Dragon Dictation: This app will allow you to dictate your emails (for free) instead of, you know, just typing them out. This is especially handy for the multitasker that needs their hands free for some other project.

TextPlus: Contact anyone, anywhere in the US and Canada by text message for free. They don’t even need to use the app to receive your messages.

Jelly SMS: For $4.99 you can use this app to send free or low-cost international text messages directly from your iPad.

Smart Group: If you have a large number of business contacts to manage in a variety of groups, this app – for $1.99 – makes it easy for you to message a specific group with just one tap.

What are your favorite business-friendly iPad apps?

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano

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