Races2U Puts A New Twist On An Old Hobby – Slot Car Racing Makes A Digital Comeback In A Mobile Format


Back in the late 1960’s through the early 80’s, it was common for kids and adults to go to a mall or hobby shop and race slot cars for fun. The days of fixed tracks in malls and hobby shops may have waned, but now there is a new twist- tracks on wheels.

With the old style analog slot cars, each car needed a dedicated lane on a track, and consequently tracks were very large permanent structures. With the advent of digital slot cars, where cars have dedicated controllers instead of lanes, it is possible to run up to 8 cars on on as little as 2 lanes. Races2U has taken advantage of the smaller track size and has placed a complete race circuit within a trailer. Races2U is now operating mobile digital slot car race tracks which can be operated virtually anywhere a vehicle can park on a level surface. More.

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