Showing People You Care More Than Once A Year

With Valentines approaching, we can expect an increase in flowers, gifts, and even proposals. The season is filled with money spending for the sake of showing others just how much they mean to you. What if you could do that every day of the year, for free? is your go-to site for telling the people in your life that you care, with little notes for each day. Whether you want to send this sweet token by email or via Facebook, the website does in an eloquent manner what many wish they could.

For those looking for a way to say they care on Valentines day, they are also hosting a contest that will give you 24 chances to win a $20 Visa gift card (more information below).

We recently spoke with Kevin Green, lovingly known as “The Love Guy,” about his website and the inspiration behind it.

Tell us a little about your website, Daily Love Notes

We would like people to think of, as the goto site for love! We are hopeful the site through the love notes, blog and music we post will help remind people about the importance of love and cause them to share that feeling with the people whothe most to them.

We hope that by inserting the love notes, the blog and the music into peoples lives for a few moments each day, that those same people will share a smile, share a tear or share some laughter with those they love, whether that person be near or far.

What inspired it? was initially inspired by former college sweetheart, we didn’t have much money so I decided to write her a calendar with a love note for each day of the year.

My inspiration now comes from a variety of things(music, art, etc.) and people, but mainly my inspiration comes from the love and respect that I share with my family and friends.

How many days straight can someone send your love notes out before the messages begin to recycle?

Once we get all of our love notes loaded into to the site and complete the graphic designs for each love note, we will have approximately 1,500 Love Notes available to choose from. However, I anticipate that number growing, as I write several love notes each day!

As “The Love Guy,” do you have any favorite notes?

From 7/19/10- “And when I am to old to care about the things and people who pass me by, I will have your love to sustain my heart!”

It is my all time favorite love note, I don’t know why. It just speaks to me and who I am.

Also, I like, “I come home to love, I come home to you!”

Do people ever try to submit note ideas to you? If so, do you accept any?

From time to time, we do have people submit love note ideas and some very good ones. We do accept suggestions for love notes as well as the site in general.

What approach have you taken to help monetize your free service?

Currently, the site is free and advertiser supported (we accept our advertisers based on advertiser’s ability to offer our site users reasonably priced gifts for their loved ones), however over time after we deepen our market penetration, we will offer some fee-based services to enhance the site and user/recipient experiences. The basic site will always be FREE though.

More recently (last 4-5 months) we have stumbled into a fee based service–writing personalized wedding vows. We’ve had men and women to contact me through the website to write their wedding vows. I was really surprised when I received the first request and pleasantly surprised as more requests have continued to roll in.

Are there any goals you’d like to reach in the next year or so?

Yes, of course first I want to make our content stronger and more appealing! I would like to see the number of love notes sent out increase on a percentage basis month over month, I would like to see our blog grow its reader base month over month. And I would like to continue to write wedding vows too. In a nut shell, I would like to share our daily love affirming messages with more people!

What are some lessons your business has taught you?

1. Make sure you surround yourself with people who share your dream and vision;
2. Make sure you build a strong team;
3. Check and recheck everything, because it’s your business;
4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help;
5. It’s okay to say, “No.”;
6. Trust your instincts;
7. Always watch the bottom line;
8. Before and after 1-7, Pray hard.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We are doing our first big promotion 24 hours of love, 24 chances to win. For Valentine’s Day we will release 24 love notes (one everyhour) and for those people who “like us” on Facebook and send a love note from our site on Valentine’s Day, they will be automatically entered into our contest to win a $20 Visa gift card (24 will be given away)

Also, we wlll be adding our Love Notes in Spanish and French this month, with a plan to add other languages as well.

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