Meet the Readers: Linda Brown

Once a week or so I’m going to profile the very special people who read this site. If you’d like to participate, shoot me an email.

My name is Linda M. Brown. I am 49 years old-today 🙂 and I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I am a Public Insurance Adjuster. Not many people know what this job entails. Please visit my website at for more information. I represent the homeowner/business owner when they have any type of damage to their property against the insurance companies. I have been in this type of work for three years. Unfortunately, I have come upon hundreds of homeowners and business owners that I cannot help due to the fact that they do not have the correct coverage and are not aware of it. Insurance agents should contact them every year when their policy renews but they do not because they are paid a commission based on the amount of the policy. Year after year, policies change (mostly with less coverage) but the cost increases. Yet the individuals are not made aware of the changes.

I have been so upset lately with this situation that I decided to become proactive rather than reactive in the insurance industry. I am now offering to read a homeowners/business owners policy and give them a detailed report as to their: type of policy, what type of coverages they have, how much coverage they have, the amount of deductibles, etc. for $50.00. I have offered this service for free to all my prior clients and they are so thankful for this offer and have referred several people to me. I continue to hear over and over “this is the most valuable $50.00 I have ever spent.” All they have to do is to go to my Facebook page or website and they will find the link that will give them the information about this offer. I am extremely excited about this new offer because I can help so many more people than just the ones that I come in contact with. Hurricane season is only two months away. No one can make any changes to their policy during this time. NOW is the time for people to have me review their policies and make any changes that they feel will benefit them during this tough time.

I have been reading your site for the last year and thoroughly enjoy it. You have given me several ideas about other businesses that I am currently looking into. Currently, I am reading mostly insurance related blogs/posts/tweets. I want to end by thanking you AGAIN for your site. I look forward to it each day. The information that you expose is so valuable 🙂

Happy Birthday Linda.

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