Have you been holding on to a unique idea that would revolutionize the way we communicate? If so, a new program called, “Invent with Nokia,” may be exactly what you are looking for. According to Nokia:

Having a great idea is one thing, but having that idea turned into a reality is often much more difficult, costly and time consuming and so ideas rarely come to fruition. What if you had a great idea for a future device, or a radical new feature or service? Nokia has today launched a new program that allows you to submit your ideas. Invent With Nokia is now open for ideas.

If your idea is accepted and a patent filed as a result, the financial rewards mean it should definitely be worth giving it a go and there could be further rewards if a product or service based on the invention is successful with consumers. In addition to the monetary rewards, you’ll also take your place in a hall of fame, giving you public recognition for your invention so everybody will know who you are.

Photo by Andrea

via Fast Company

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on May 23, 2011 in Ideas.


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