Quirky Finds Its Place On TV

Many business and inventor-based television shows have made an appearance on television in recent years, and Quirky has signed on as well. The series looks at the inner workings of Quirky and how they help everyday people make a little money off a simple idea.

Quirky is an invention website that takes ideas from its online community and makes them into real consumer products. Ben Kaufman, 24, founded the Manhattan-based Quirky two years ago with the aim of making invention accessible.

Though it uses the en-vogue model of crowd-sourcing, it still relies on nuts-and-bolts creation of tangible goods. Beyond Quirky’s rows of desks lurks a design shop, complete with a 3-D printer and various work-shopped inventions, along with the curious leftovers of development.

“We’re probably the most old-school startup you could possibly imagine,” says Kaufman, whose drive and know-how far outweigh his age. “We manufacture products. We put them on a boat. We ship them to retailers.”

“There’s a difference between your crazy scientist garage inventor and regular people,” says Kaufman. “Regular people experience problems on an everyday basis that piss them off. Those are what I think are everywhere. That’s what Quirky is here to achieve, to capture those problems, those opportunities, and turn them into products.”

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