Houlihan’s Franchise Introduces National Campaign To Promote New Music Talent


Houlihan’s Restaurants, a company known for infusing their music strategy into the dining experience by featuring indie bands and lesser known tracks, have announced that it has launched a multifaceted campaign to provide budding musicians with a new platform to be heard.

According to the information provided, artists who are “H-Listed” will be promoted within the 83 Houlihan’s restaurants across the country as well as online through Houlihan’s website, social media channels and email marketing campaigns. A new group or artist will be featured the first Friday of every month, and guests will be able to download the artist’s music and interviews.

Jen Gulvik, VP of Marketing and Creative Director for Houlihan’s, commented, “Music plays such an important role in our lives, and sharing music has become a way to connect with others in a meaningful way. Music triggers memories, it energizes, it shapes perceptions and identities for people and brands alike. H-Listed allows us to share our own musical discoveries with our guests, while providing immense exposure for lesser-known artists who don’t have the financial backing of major record labels.”

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