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Whether you like it plain, covered in caramel, sprinkled with cheese flavor, or kettle, popcorn has a special place in everyones heart. No longer just a movie night treat, people are enjoying it any night of the week. Doc Popcorn is taking advantage of this ‘pop’ularity with their own franchise opportunity. Rob and Renée Israel were at a point in their life that they felt required a little change. Rob’s interest in popcorn was peaked when trying some from a farmers market. Deciding that he could make it better, a lightbulb went off in his head. He started creating unique flavors, which is about the time that Renée entered his life. With two entrepreneurial minds working as one, they had all the determination they needed to get the business off the ground. They do not create just any flavored popcorn. Using a variety of organic and all-natural ingredients, as well as whole grain kernels for the popcorn, each delicious flavor is low in fat, has zero trans fat, and no cholesterol. Their franchise “poportunity” is available within the United States. They start by offering three different franchise models.

If you think this might be the franchise for you, they offer a no obligation application process that will help get you started:

  • Complete our short application form. There is no obligation.
  • We will then send you our Confidential Questionnaire. We use this questionnaire to learn more about your experience and goals as it will relate to you building your Doc Popcorn business. Again, there is NO obligation!
  • Franchise Development Manager will schedule an initial call to outline the process.
  • We ask that you commit about 20 hours over 2-4 weeks span.
  • Our Development Managers will work with you to schedule 30-45 minute appointments over the phone in order to take you through each step of our process.

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