Niche Biz: Bridal Shows

It takes two to tango and, if Dilip and Bhavna Nihalani’s experiences are anything to go by, to set up a business specialising in bridal shows. Their venture — The Bridal Affair — had its first airing in March last and will come up for an encore next month.

But Dubai already has its share of bridal shows through the year and can seem a crowded marketplace for a new business to get into. Not surprisingly, the couple don’t see it that way.

“Before the launch, we studied many other wedding and bridal shows and felt the urge to fill the gap — for this reason, we chose to do our show at an actual wedding venue so that visitors can see it come to life before their eyes,” Dilip said. “We wanted it to be more than just an exhibition.”

Dubai’s exhibition industry has seen increased activity in the last 12 to 18 months by way of new events being added to the calendar, and bringing with them new event organising firms. Quite a few of them, interestingly enough, are skewed towards the fashion and accessories trade.

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