The Baker’s Best Friend

What good is it to bake something amazing, if you can’t store it to take with you to parties and events? That is the premise behind the Baker’s Sto ‘N Go. It allows people to easily store their goods, like brownies, to take on-the-go.

I recently spoke with the inventor, Angela Horevitz, about her creation and what makes it unique.

Tell us a little about the Baker’s Sto ‘N Go.

Bakers Sto N Go is a food storage container with adjustable layered trays inside, much like an oven. This way you can store cookies, brownies, pies, deviled eggs, cake pops, etc…without the food touching and getting ruined. It stores so much more in this small container than in those larger ones. But it turned out to be so much more, appetizers, sandwiches, small cupcakes, it actually turned into an all purpose food storage container.

What inspired it?

Out of complete desperation of trying to find something that would layer food items so nothing touched or that would get ruined.

How long did it take for your to design the Sto ‘N Go from idea to completion?

Approx 18 months.

What was that process like?

Oh…… hard, so hard, but so worth it. First was the patent, then the design, then the prototypes (3 of them), then the manufacturing, then to the market. All that was easy, time consuming, but pretty easy. The hard part was the manufacturing. I wanted to keep this in the USA, from design to product, and USA manufacturing is lacking. I changed manufacturers (in the USA) 6 times in 2 years. They all failed to make good product, and I really didn’t know that until it was sitting on the shelves (my first big mistake was not being there during the manufacturing, I trusted). Finally, I’ve found someone great and have been with them for 2 years. We’re on a good path now.

Do you have any plans to add to your product line up?

If so, can you give us a hint about what to expect? Yes, I do, but first I need this product to become a little more well known, then on to more. I plan and have already designed, a hot/cold sleeve to go around the container. This will keep your food items, hot or cold. It’s awesome for an add on feature. Then we will create more sizes. Then I want to get into the collegiate world. Ahhhh….

What separates your product from the competition?

We are smaller; we do more than the traditional containers with our adjustable tray technology. Most containers out there are very food specific, such as cupcake carrier, pie carrier, deviled egg carrier, and are generally much larger. The Bakers Sto N Go was designed to do all the normal size foods, for example the cupcakes for kids with not a lot of icing, 36 frosted cookies, a complete 13x9x2 pan of brownies, 2 – 9” pies, 32 deviled eggs, 32 cake balls (the new cupcake), or 23 cake pops, etc….we do it all in one small ergonomically designed container. We actually tested the container with all the Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, and Nestle pre packaged mixes that you buy at your local grocery store. This is what the population is buying and now we have a way to store those cookies, brownies, delectable food items without having something so big. Lastly, we are BPA free, lead free, and Made in the USA.

Do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish over the next year or so?

Yes I most certainly do, I would like to have a presence on the internet, and then get back into retail sales. I was recently certified in the WBENC, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. This organization is part of the Supplier Diversity Program with National Retail Companies, such as Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Kohls, Sams, and so many others. This is a huge honor to our business.
What are some lessons your business has taught you? Patience! Things don’t happen on your time frame, others are not in the same hurry as you. You have to manage every aspect of the business, do not trust anyone when you’re a small business, you will get taken advantage of….like you’ve never seen before.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I love what I do, I love the success I’ve had, and I’m so pleasantly surprised at how quickly people have embraced my product and the testimonials bring me complete joy. I love the happiness this product has brought so many people. With the newly added features of Facebook and Twitter I can now stay in constant contact with my customers. Now that I have learned so much, I can’t wait to expand. I would like to say “thank you” to all my customers who have supported me and the growth of my business!

Do you have any advice you’d like to offer fellow inventor/entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

Take it slow, don’t rush things. Stay on top of every aspect of the business. No one has your passion, no one feels what you feel, and no one cares as much as you do. Let your passion shine, let the people see you’re love for your product/service. Give great customer service…that is priceless in business. People will feel your energy, and want to do business with you. Smile, and watch your dream come true.

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