Keep Safe – Important Factors to Include in the Company Car

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Company cars provide an easy and convenient way for employees to travel, enabling them to reach their destinations and complete their tasks on time. They can also help companies project a more professional image. Similar to ordinary cars, company cars can be costly to maintain and repair. As such, it is important for business owners to take effective measures to prevent accidents and keep their company cars in a good condition. One way to do this is to include safety features in the cars. Here is a look at some safety features that can be installed in company cars.

Camera Monitor System

Blind spots are one of the main causes of road accidents, because they block a driver’s view of nearby vehicles, pedestrians and objects. Click here for more information about blind spots. One thing that vehicle owners can do to eliminate blind spots is to install a camera monitor system. A camera monitor system gives a driver a wider view of the surrounding areas and displays multiple images of blind spots on a single screen. It also provides better visibility in low-light conditions. Business owners who wish to get camera monitor systems for their company cars should purchase those that are made by reputable manufacturers, such as Brigade Electronics.

Speed Monitoring Sensor

A speed monitoring sensor is a device that collects information on the speed at which a vehicle is traveling. This information is obtained by recording the spin rate of the crankshaft, and it is delivered to the braking system to enable it to determine how much pressure should be applied to prevent the vehicle from slipping or skidding while braking. Using a speed monitoring sensor can significantly lower the risk of accidents and help companies minimize their auto repair costs.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection System

An ultrasonic obstacle detection system is designed to alert a driver of the presence of a nearby obstacle, such as a vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist or object. When it detects an obstacle, it will give an audible warning to let the driver know the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, so that he or she can take the necessary actions to prevent a collision. Obstacle detection systems can be placed at the front, back, sides or corners of a vehicle.

Reversing Alarm

Reversing vehicles are the cause of many accidents, and they can result in substantial vehicle damage or even serious injuries. Installing a reversing alarm in a company car is a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of such accidents. This type of alarm will sound when the vehicle is getting too close to an object, letting the driver know when to stop reversing.

It is a good idea for business owners to install safety features in their company vehicles, because these features can enhance driver safety and reduce repair costs. They can also help lower the cost of auto insurance. Click here to learn about other types of vehicle safety features.

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