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A Problem, A Van and An Opportunity

It started simply enough.

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Sourcing Products from China

DynamicBusiness, an Australian website for entreprenuers, has shared their top ten tips when outsourcing product creation to China: Make sure your requirements / specifications are spot on, clear, concise, understandable and agreed upon.


Snooker Dying in UK, Booming in China

In London, snooker rooms are slowly vanishing.


Yes, Fresh Air Now Comes In A Can

The air is compressed into small metal containers the size of a soft drink can, and consumers can inhale it by pulling the ring off, putting the can close to their noses, and breathing, Chen said.


Wanted: English Butlers in China

The Guild of Professional English Butlers has trained 20 percent more butlers this year than last, placing them with clients as soon as they are ready, according to Robert Watson, head of the firm in southern England, last week.


A Vending Machine for Fresh Vegetables

On a hot July day in 2010, Wang and some of his fellow villagers went shopping downtown and bought some beverages from a vending machine.


Inventor Creates Machine That Harvests Dry Rice

The machine can pick up 120 tons of unhusked rice in eight hours, consuming only four liters of petrol.


Chinese Counterfeit Wine

China’s unmatched counterfeiting skills seemed to reach a new peak with the recent discovery of an entirely fake Apple Store in Kunming.


He Started An Online Business Selling Collar Protectors

I can recall when the idea of it hit me and I decided to create the product.


Selling Fruit Juice in China

With initial funds of 500,000 yuan ($78,700) and a clear business ethic in mind, Eysler and Au opened the first iF Juice store in November 2007.

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