The Manhole Cover Picker-Upper

Dave Roberts, 51, who spent 25 years lifting them while working for waste-water authorities in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, decided to find a better way.



His main task: creating businesses that would employ shelter residents and help them develop job skills.

Main Street Connect

Main Street Connect is a network of 52 community-based news websites.


Wal-Mart Wants To Sell More Local Produce

The move by the world’s biggest retailer is part of a new sustainable agriculture strategy that looks to steer more business to small and medium-sized farmers globally while also reducing some of the negative environmental effects of farming.


Entrepreneur Serves Treats With A Side Of Community Involvment

Barnett’s creation, Gelato and Yogurt Lounge at 13611 N.W.


Labor Day 2010

I would like to dedicate this Labor Day holiday to the 14.9 million women and men who, through no fault of their own, lost their jobs in the economic downturn.


The Race To Launch L-A, Maine

There are a few catches, of course: you have to be willing to locate that business in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine’s second largest community.


In This Store, Everything Is 100% Off

The name of the store is painted on a purple banner hanging from a chain link fence fronting a bare dirt lot on Walworth Street, near De Kalb Avenue.


Will Work For Food

In a steep hillside city park on Bunker Hill, right next to the world’s shortest railway, 120 goats are about to be deployed.


Boy Scouts Add New Merit Badge For Invention

Aside from defining what patent infringement and intellectual property is, there’s the practical aspect to the test, where scouts are expected to build a clay model and then a working prototype of their invention.

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