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Not Your Mother’s Tupperware Party

On hand in San Jose were a dozen guys who had been lured to this particular backyard by the promise of free beer.

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Potato Chips Were An Accident

The first potato chips were meant as an insult.


Virtual Reality Cooking: Is This the Future of Culinary School?

This cooking simulator, being developed by a research group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, features a force feedback fry pan and spatula to accurately recreate the sense of cooking.


Barefoot Contessa: From the White House to Food Network

But Garten eventually fled government work for the same reason so many have since: gridlock.


Scientific Cooking Bizops

Milk, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, transglutaminase, sodium citrate…

Inventor Resolves The Dough Problem

Fickle, the dough demands to be held at a comfortable 80 degrees — a climate not native to most kitchens, where the oven is too warm, the air is too chilled and that elusive happy medium just doesn’t seem to exist.


Faster Cooking On Charcoal Grills

The 55-year-old Amlwch native designed the £17.99 blower – which resembles a hairdryer, while living in Spain.


Food Blogger Who Can’t Cook Finds Niche

I happen to be a food blogger who doesn’t cook, and people get a kick out of that,” says the Brooklynite.

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