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The Self-Employed Archeologist

An archaeologist from Wallsend [UK] has unearthed an innovative new business idea to help children and adults get a taste of North East history.

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Niche Biz: Doggy Beer

What’s the legal drinking age in dog years?


ZeroCater: From Nothing to A Lunchtime Biz

ZeroCater founder and CEO Arram Sabeti moved to the Bay Area after becoming a bit obsessed with Paul Graham’s essays.


Entrepreneur Has Her Cupcake And Eats It Too

A year ago, Carter made a teddy bear cake for a baby shower.


World War II Restaurant

Need a new idea for a restaurant?


3D Printed Food

The newest 3-D food printer, now being honed at Cornell Creative Machines Lab, can produce: tiny space shuttle-shaped scallop nuggets; and cakes or cookies that, when you slice into them, reveal a special message buried within, like a wedding date, initials (image below) or a corporate logo.


Veganz: A Grocery Store for Vegans

Don’t bother going to Jan Bredack’s new Berlin (Germany) supermarket if you’re looking for any of the following items: meat, fish, milk, eggs, honey, leather or wool.


Inventor Creates Machine That Harvests Dry Rice

The machine can pick up 120 tons of unhusked rice in eight hours, consuming only four liters of petrol.


Iraqi Restaurants Now Serving More American Food

Diners sitting at outdoor tables among the date palms would occasionally hear the sounds of rockets flying overhead, often aimed at the Green Zone on the other side of the Tigris River.


Niche Biz: Cupcake ATM

Los Angeles-based Sprinkles bakery promises its new automated endeavor — known as 24-Hour Sprinkles — will be stocked daily with freshly baked cupcakes and cupcake mixes.

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