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Poutine is Coming to A Fast Food Restaurant New Year

Burger King offers it, but only in Canada.

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Invention: Self Stirring Pot

My Friday has been made compete: the self stirring pot has been invented!


Niche Biz: Breathable Food

AeroShot, the flagship product of Breathable Foods, is revolutionizing the way people energize their lives.


Niche Drink: Bubble Tea

“Everyone at the meeting loved the drink and it quickly outsold all of our other iced teas within a couple of months — even after 20 years on the menu, bubble tea makes up 80-90 percent of our sales and Taiwanese are proud of this home-grown drink,” says Lin.


Inventor Pins Hopes On Hot Dogs

Getting his brainchild to market has been a time-consuming, patience-testing and cash-burning experience for Chris Schutte.


Entrepreneur Turns Family Recipe Into Gourmet Snack Business

MLive: Faced with an uncertain economy and tepid job prospects for recent grads, Bisera Urdarevik had one response: Nuts.


Niche Biz Idea: Online Kit Kat Store

photo credit: friedtoast

If you’ve only ever eaten a Kit Kat in the United States, you’d have no idea that an entire world of candy goodness awaits you beyond our shores.


Redesigning The Food Bowl

Bollengier, 39, said he carried the idea for the “CaliBowl” with him through stints in pro baseball and modeling and into his adult life as a contractor and father of four.


International Movie Snacks

Having popcorn and candy at the movies?


Dine-In Delivery

The Dine-In Delivery restaurant meal delivery business is offering a new opportunity for those wanting to get into the food business.

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