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Video: The Quest for Free (Groceries)

I know that the stores get reimbursed and all, but is this ethical?


Free Printable Documents & Templates

Here’s a neat website I found this morning: FreePrintable.net.


Finding Gold In Abandoned Ads

Count the signs listing phone numbers as you drive down the street in a commercial area, or the number of ads you notice as you surf the net or leaf through the Yellow Pages.


Free Coffee at a Pay-By-The-Minute Cafe

At the bright and open Anticaf’e, customers pay one ruble and 50 kopecks for each minute they stay.


Don Lancaster’s Incredible Secret Money Machine

If this was one of those get-rich-quick books, we would probably start out by telling you how many zillions of dollars I am making and how I need a wheelbarrow to haul it daily to the nearest bank.


Ideas: Free Of Charge

A local amateur inventor with scores of ideas, concepts and inventions is giving them all away in the hope that they might provide viable commercial opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Just Give It Away

The catch: DiForte says he will hand over patents, including pending and provisional ones, on 22 products to “legitimate” companies only if they agree to make the products and create jobs.


Biz Resource: Free Coffee Cups

Based in Washington DC, FreePaperCups.com is a marketing firm specializing in non–traditional advertising solutions.

Advertising Supported Coffee?

If you thought that advertising was everywhere already, wait until it find it on your morning coffee.