How To Find the Right Business Opportunity

How do I find the business opportunity that’s right for me?


Creating A Catchy Business Name

According to David Burd, president of The Naming Company in East Stroudsburg, Pa., it’s common for new entrepreneurs to try to convey too much in their business names.


The 10/10/10 Plan for Identifying Your New Business

The following guest post is by Scott Quitter of A Couple of Quitters.


Fixed Costs: The Enemy of Success

The following is a guest post by Kyle James.


Testing Business Ideas: The Kickstarter Principle

If you have an idea for a business, what do you do with it?


When the Customers Say Yes and the Accountant Says No!

What if you had an exciting new business idea that applied disruptive new technology to a fast-growing consumer food market?


Planning For Retirement As An Entrepreneur

There comes a time when a growing company’s operational and market critical mass should produce sustained profitability.


Enloop: Bank Ready Business Plans for Real Businesses

Most Silicon Valley startups are aimed at the tech-savvy, iPhone carrying crowd that lives in Silicon Valley.

Get Out There And Find Out!

Worry more about getting your idea out there to see if it works, rather than spending your time doing all the bookwork and business plans.

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