Keep More Of Your Earnings


Plan, Produce, Protect.


Business Plan Myths

As the pace of change quickens and business planning becomes more vital, untruths and mythology about the subject keep coming up.


Be More Creative In 2010

If the need for ideas is great and the supply of creative thinkers is limited, then it’s easy to see that becoming a better creative problem solver is an awesome way to increase your value.


Student Entrepreneurs Use Census To Plan Bizs

The University of Iowa senior and senior franchise owner of the Iowa City branch of College Pro Painting, said key factors in the decision were household income and property values.

Better Started Than Perfect

The story of Duke Nukem Forever is an important lesson for starting a business.


Hiring A Business Plan Writer

photo credit: Ivan Walsh

Are you thinking about hiring someone to write your business plan for you?


Thoughts On Small Business Financial Planning

Remember that you are presenting a LOT of very complex information and it should be your goal to make that information as digestible as possible.


Powerful Rules For Negotiation

I’ve never taken a negotiation course; not the ones they advertise in magazines, and not one in business school either.


Small Businesses In Tough Economies

Blinded by mass layoffs and the financial follies of Fortune 500 companies, we have overlooked a smaller but more important transformation: the increasing importance of small businesses in our economic recovery.