Inventor’s Journal: Trademarks

In this episode, Rich Whittle talks about the value of trademarks and how they are used.


Copycats Can Steal Your Biz Idea

There’s a slew of Snuggie-esque stories in the business world.

Inventor’s Journal: Provisional Patents

In this episode, Rich Whittle explains the 7 easy steps to getting a provisional patent for your invention.


Twins Turn Invention Into A Booming Biz

Zach said, ‘Daddy, why don’t we buy some more fabric,’” Jay Neyens said.


The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets

The file consists of a single code— 4c812db292272995e5416a323e79bd37—that secretly identifies her as a 26-year-old female in Nashville, Tenn.


States Ease Food Safety Rules For Homemade Goods

But as more people become interested in buying local food, a few states have created exemptions for amateur chefs who sell homemade goods at farmers markets and on small farms.


Yarmulke Too Hot?

According to the New York Daily News, this baseball cap is totally kosher.


New Powers For President In Cyber-Attack Response

Under the legislation, the president’s specific powers would be developed with companies and wouldn’t allow the government to take over private networks or give it more surveillance authority, the lawmakers said.


One Company Took On The NFL And Won

The family-owned business sued the NFL claiming they restricted competition and violated antitrust laws by acting as one entity rather than 32 independently-owned teams.


A Bill Of Privacy Rights For Social Networks?

According to dowloadsquad.com, with all the recent privacy issues that keep cropping up in the various social networks, it’s no surprise that people are looking to find a way to protect users in a more proactive, permanent way.

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