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Leaf Guard Keeps Garages Clean

“A driveway is no more than a shuffleboard for leaves and debris and so I was working on this thing for three years and because I got tired of leaves blowing in my garage,” Hayes said.

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Have Shovel, Will Travel

Turn snowmageddon into a windfall by starting your own snow-shoveling business.


Monetizing the Weather

Weather Underground, a site that compiles local data collected by 24,000 weather geeks with sensors on their roofs, this week released a free tool for businesses to use to look for patterns in their sales related to the weather.


Storm Chasing Tourism

Silver Lining Tours is owned and operated by two of the world’s most respected storm chasers, Dr.


Redesigning Snow Removal

He said his goal was to eliminate the need to scoop up a shovel of snow, twist at the hips and throw the snow away from the pavement, actions that can cause pain or injury to back muscles.


Niche: Raincoat With Umbrella Hood

Athanasia Leivaditou’s creation is a waterproof Macintosh with a umbrella-like section that goes over your head.


Sixth Grader Creates Snow Day Predictor

When David Sukhin was in sixth grade he created the DAS Automatic Snow Day Calculator.


Cabbie Invents Hands-Free Umbrella

Any woman who has tried holding an umbrella in the rain while texting or rummaging around their handbag will know what a struggle it can be.


Yarmulke Too Hot?

According to the New York Daily News, this baseball cap is totally kosher.


Building A Better Umbrella

After a rainstorm, the scene in almost any city is the same—dozens of umbrella carcasses lying broken along sidewalks and streets.

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