Niche Biz: Software For An Underserved Market (Women)

The video below is from Patrick McKenzie’s talk at the Business of Software 2010.


A Little Inspiration For Inventors Of All Ages

I write magazine articles for the general public and non-fiction books for middle grade and young adult readers.


Entrepreneur Helps Women Pick Themselves Up After A Break Up

She felt empowered, reborn — as if she had crossed a threshold.


Tyz Scarves: Fashion You Can Mold

I founded Tyz Scarves in Dec 2010.


Bereavement Councelor Turned Author Talks About Her Book And Business

Soul Baskets are unique gift baskets with a Japanese flair – the gifts are wrapped in a furoshiki, a beautiful piece of cloth that is used to wrap gifts (and carry things) in Japan.


Lock-A-Bye Your Bag From Thieves

The Lock-A-Bye is a beautifully crafted, fully secured Tote Bag that’s great for the workplace, great to take on vacation, great to take anywhere!


Artist Transitions Into Auto Repair

Surround yourself with what you are passionate about

The strength of your business resolve is tied to your passion for what you do.


Dry Bar: A Salon That Doesn’t Cut Hair

It’s a familiar tale: the special night out looms, and while the carefully selected dress and statement accessories inspire excitement, the hair options (pay through the nose at a chic salon, or grin-and-bear the corner snip ’n save) fall as flat as your self-styled tresses would.


Why Didn’t I Think Of That: The Of Cosmetics

Getz on Sunday is launching, an e-commerce company that will develop style profiles for women, and then present them with cosmetic packages tailored to their look.


The Sweet Taste Of Success

“Some people ask, well where do you work?