Burger King Introduces ‘Pizza Burger’

October 12, 2010 by Mark | 1 Comment

Peninsula On-line:

Burger King has introduced a ‘pizza burger’ made for sharing and served in slices. This new burger will boast the best of both pizza and burger ingredients.

“The Burger King brand stands out from the crowd as much for its menu innovations and product variety as for its great-tasting burgers,” said Jeffrey Sy, Group Marketing Coordinator for Premier Food Services, the Burger King franchisee in Qatar.

“With fire grilled beef patties piled with yummy pizza toppings, the pizza burger combines the best of both worlds, and is ideal for sharing among family and friends,” Sy said.

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  • Noushaba Huq on April 6th, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Our Company (Etcetera Bangladesh Pvt Ltd) is an established retail brand expert in F&B operations. We have been running an international coffee chain franchise for last 6 years in Dhaka (capital of Dhaka).

    Our company is very keen to bring Burger King to Bangladesh as Bangladeshis generally love fast food and beef!

    Could you please help me in getting detail information about the franchise.

    Thank you,

    Noushaba Huq
    Head of Operations

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