If you have always been interested in the world of finance but have never quite figured out how to make a business out of it, this might be the opportunity for you.


The Commercial Capital Training Group has been designed to help entrepreneurs enter the realm of commercial financing. Individuals working in this business are able to work from wherever they desire, and they can set their own hours. This is also a company that is considered to be recession-proof, which is most appealing in today’s uncertain economic climate.

What’s the Pitch?

The reason that this company exists is because it is estimated that millions of small businesses around the country do not have adequate access to financial capital. This means that they cannot grow at the level and pace that they would like to. Many have to shudder their operations because they cannot gain access to needed financial resources to keep them afloat.

The Commercial Capital Training Group exists to change all of this by providing small businesses with an option to traditional forms of bank financing. In fact, it is estimated that banks and credit card companies have recently pulled nearly $3 trillion of access to outstanding credit lines across the country. This means that there is a tremendous market for commercial finance, and that is what makes this business so appealing to many that are interested in this particular sector of the economy.

It is reported that this company has been one of the leaders in the area of commercial finance. They enable individuals to gain access to the capital that they need to successfully run their own business. For the owners of this business, the overhead is small, which means that you will have limited expenses as you begin to develop a client list and your niche in the industry.

How Much Can An Owner Make?

It is reported that this business can earn individuals an unlimited source of income dependent on how much work that they put into it. You begin by offering a certain amount of capital to small businesses, usually in the range of $5,000 to several hundred thousand dollars. This means that you need to have access to these funds so that you can finance the transaction directly.

The opportunity also enables you to pay for individual transactions through other private investors that might want to get involved in the anticipation of earning more interest than is possible through traditional forms of bank investing. In the end, depending on the nature of the financing that is granted, you could expect to earn a commission in the 1 to 15 percent range on each loan that you provide. If you were to broker a loan in the half-million-dollar range, for example, you could earn more on that one transaction than most of your neighbors earn in a year.


This is a different type of business that is best suited for individuals with access to financial capital, and who can gain access to business contacts rather quickly. If that is you, then this is certainly an opportunity worth considering.