The “Crazy Idea” That Became the CRATE Franchise System

CRATE Franchise Systems is one of the newest home improvement franchises on the market. We recently spoke with Scott Monday, co-founder of CRATE Franchise Systems (kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE), about the franchise. We learned how the franchise started out as a “crazy idea” while he and his wife were shopping at Costco, the secrets to its success and what advice he has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What’s special about the franchise?

There are a number of elements that set us apart as a home improvement franchise. Our new franchisees will have the opportunity to work directly with the founders of CRATE Franchise Systems, which is something many other franchisors can’t say. Franchisees will also focus on maximizing profit-per-day with our business model. The CRATE model emphasizes quickly executed projects and a limited scope of work that allows franchisees to complete a high number of projects, each with their own profit margin. But what really sets us apart is our effective marketing techniques coupled with our lead screening system. CRATE’s franchise support team screens leads for franchisees, which allows our owner-operators to focus on customer service and completing more home improvement projects.

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