4 Essential Business Fashion Accessories

Here is something a little different for us – a fun article about business (and not so business) fashions. For those of you who are working in a business-casual office, travelling or are out meeting contacts and clients, here are some tips on how to spice up your wardrobe.

Gone are the days when a navy business suit was the way to leave a lasting business impression. Times are changing, and today, business fashion has become more casual and playful than ever. Some companies even feel if your shirt is to stiff – you must be a stiff shirt.

In business fashion today, accessories can play an important role and celebrities can take a lot of credit for that. Stars from Angelina Jolie to Kim Kardashian choose to always look good because they know the effect that making a fashion statement has on their brand.

More recently, designer brands from Gucci to Hermes have updated their looks and come up with revolutionary accessories with the fashionable business person in mind.

Here are our 4 favorite Ideas to help you give business-casual new meaning:



1. Graphic Clutch

It used to be a brief case was trendy but now it is a fabulous clutch or handbag that is considered a must have. Be sure to get one large enough to store your cell phone and ipad and you will be on your way to looking good and having what you need while you are on the road.

A graphic clutch is a new take off on a basic clutch. The styling is still larger, and envelope shaped but the designs come in a vast array of different prints and designs. These really can make a statement in your wardrobe and send the message that you are not afraid to show off your personality.

Most online retailers and department store chains offer clutch handbags so the potential to find one that is just perfect for you is unlimited.



2. Fringe Apparel


Can you believe fringe is back in fashion again? I’ve seen fringe Jackets, handbags and even shoes and they really look great. Talk about introducing fun into your business wardrobe – it is very easy to do with fabulous fringe. Don’t think fringe is only for dress up either. Today women wear fringe with everything from jeans and a tee to fringe stilettos. In 2016, fringe jackets have become an especially popular apparel item for both men and women.


3. Armour Rings


This may be a little racy for your next business meeting but in your industry, if you can pull it off, armour rings are the thing to have.  These rings, inspired by medieval times, are a great fashion accessory worn by the likes of Christina Aguilera on “The Voice.” We all know she is a fashion diva and looks stupendous wearing them.


They basically cover your entire finger rather than just a small portion. They are made for both men and women and can be solid metal or decorated with rhinestones and crystal, etc. Again, they might not be for everyone but if you can pull it off, they are interesting and fun to wear to say the least.


4. Magnet Clothing for Business

Another new and interesting thing we have been seeing for business people are magnet clothing pieces. Everyone has seen stickers and refrigerator magnets with business logos on them but what about Magnets for Clothing to advertise your company. It is pretty new thing and definitely something to take a look at. Check them out here at magnets for clothing.

These magnets can be customized with your logo and attached to outfits to make a statement about your brand. You can wear them yourself, place them anywhere on your clothes, give them away as promotional items and really have fun with them – your choice.

It is nice that fashion has really made its way into the business world. The serious business suit has been replaced by fun, fashion forward styles brought about by celebrities and fashionistas everywhere. If you are lucky enough to work in one of these business casual environments, we hope you will go-for-it with one or all of these fashion accessories.