Small Business Online Advertising

Gone are the days you had to go door to door to sell your product.

There was a time when door-to-door selling was seen as the most effective way to sell products. Salesmen had to visit their prospective buyers individually. However, the growth of the internet has brought about a new dawn in advertising. There is no dearth of advertising options on the web.

Today’s online advertising platforms allow you to set up highly targeted and cost effective campaigns to reach the right kinds of people. It’s no brainer that you need great content and captivating pictures. Thank heavens for Mac photo editing software like Aurora HDR that allow you to brush up on your pictures easily. But for you to make a big lasting impression you’ll have to do the following too.

What makes your business stand out?

Start by listing down around five things that make your business remarkable. Could be all your products are devotedly handmade or maybe you have snagged a couple of awards. Don’t you think having the lowest price is something your customers ought to know? All these things that make your business unique should stand out on your homepage and reiterated in your product pages. In the case of awards don’t just state it, display it to the world. Well just be sure to use your HDR software to ensure the picture screams quality.

Have an engaging About us and Contact pages

The first thing new customers visit is your “about us” page. They will want to know who and where they are buying from. A well written about us page should speak to the consumer on an emotional level. What inspired you to start your business? How has your business helped ordinary folks?

The history of your business, press coverage and accolades are all examples of useful content that will satisfy curiosity and allow you to have a better connection with your customers. And how can I forget team photos! But it has to be quality photos-HDR photo editor will come in handy.

Your contact page should offer concise, clear-cut information like email, social media, a contact form and phone number. Add a map with supporting opening hours plus an HDR quality photo of the business. This will let your customers know you are a real business that hands on and ready to support advise and help them.




Use product reviews to strengthen trust

Over the recent past, customer reviews have become a necessity for online merchants of all sizes and shapes. They should be honest, and well presented and real life testimonies. This will vastly add to your social proof.

Have the right category structure

Your category structures can make or break your business. You ought to take into account how your customers’ behaviors differ. Let’s use hardwood flooring as an example. Your categories should be able to set out to allow the same product to be accessed by wood pieces, manufacturer, types and even the room they are suitable for.

Trusted payment gateway

It’s no secret that small businesses have to contend with an increased level of scrutiny from customers especially on their choice of payment gateway. It will do you good to link up with a trusted gateway, whether locally or internationally. Make certain that your trusted payment method and gateway logo is clearly shown on your website. The best place to have them would be in the footer, a sidebar of your theme or header. But they should always be displayed on the checkout and cart.