6 New Branding Trends That Will Change Your Thinking About Marketing Your Business

Branding is constantly changing. Each year, new trends come along that shape the direction of branding for the year ahead. Companies would be wise to keep these trends in mind and stay ahead of their competition.

So what trends can you expect to see in the weeks and months ahead?

Here are some of the most important branding trends to keep an eye on over the coming months so that your business stays ahead of the curve.


2. Virtual Reality

Not a day goes by when we don’t read something about how virtual reality is taking hold. New VR devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are already available, and they are only going to get better.

It’s inevitable that VR will start to play a bigger role in branding, and it’s already starting. Brands are creating VR experiences to put VR to use in creative ways for business, and not just for playing games. That’s one of the reasons why Facebook bought Oculus, because it could see how VR would go beyond gaming.

VR provides brands with some exciting possibilities. This technology is so new that it is only in the experimental phase right now, but it’s clear that once it goes mainstream, the opportunities will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

VR can provide all sorts of new ways for consumers to interact with brands. For example, potential customers could be placed into scenarios to help them make better buying decisions, such as allowing them to visit a stadium and choose their seat before the event.

2. Greenery Is the Color

Pantone always chooses a color for the year ahead, and this year it is a color called “Greenery,” as reported in Stratabeat.

Greenery’s yellow-green shade represents new beginnings, spring and freshness and suggests trends in healthy eating.

Darker greens such as olive green are also set to feature, as are earthy colors, including browns, deep reds and gray.


3. Physical Accessories

While everything seems to be going increasingly digital, don’t forget about the need for physical branding. Branded accessories have been popular for a long time, and this year will be no exception. Indeed, as people become increasingly fatigued with the always-digital lifestyle, physical items could become more popular.

Branded accessories are ideal for event branding at conferences and trade shows, where you can use lanyards, name badges, wristbands, tote bags and USB drives to brand your business. Find more ideas at Lanyards USA.


4. Greater Authenticity

Authenticity has always been important, but now it’s even more important. This could in part be a reaction to the fact that stories on the internet are getting harder to believe.

An authenticity backlash could lead to a greater focus on products rather than their packaging. People do not want to see the product hiding behind the packaging, and they are seeking greater transparency.

People also want to know where their products are coming from and what’s in them because they want to know how ethical their buying decisions are. As a result, brands that are open and honest are likely to be in high demand.


5. Focus on Customer Experience

Customer experience is another important trend for this year. Of course, this has always been important, but it is becoming an even more crucial brand differentiator.

You can benefit by creating ideal experiences for your audience and providing various customer experiences rather than only a single one.

Personalization plays a role here. People are increasingly looking for more personal experiences, and one-to-one marketing is growing.

Big data is a critical tool for providing a more personal experience for your customers, and as big data becomes easier to access, you can begin finding ways to use it in your business. Here’s an article to jump start your thinking about big data.


6. Brands Get Political

This could also be the year that brands continue to get more political, primarily as a reaction to recent elections. This could see a rise in activist brands that choose to relate to their target customers in political ways. However, this also risks alienating customers, so brands will have to tread carefully.


Keep an Eye on the Latest Branding Trends

These are a few of the most important trends in branding that you can expect to see over the coming year. While some of them may not be relevant to your business, no doubt other trends will be. Keep a close eye on branding trends, and adopt them into your own branding to provide a better experience for your customers over the months ahead.

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