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Sell More with a Marketing Campaign That Includes Direct Mail

Sell More with a Marketing Campaign That Includes Direct Mail

Lots of marketers these days have put all of their eggs into the digital basket. However, every good sales director knows that outbound lead generation, including direct mail, means more sales.

Marketers have gone crazy for digital marketing and inbound leads, and they should. Leads generated through digital marketing have a high conversion rate. However, too many marketers ignore established, proven marketing techniques.

For instance, in the digital era, direct mail is too often neglected. According to 360 Leads, a successful direct mail campaign can have anywhere from a 12% to 28% response rate, depending on the vertical.

Outbound leads keep sales teams busy, but marketers aren’t paying attention. While marketers rank digital as their channel of choice, sales teams still pick outbound telemarketing.

If your marketing and sales departments aren’t speaking the same language, it might be time to find outside help. Look to a lead generation company that knows the language of sales and helps you sell more. This means they do outbound leads using telesales, digital marketing, and direct mail. They also know that running a successful campaign takes targeting, creativity, and follow up.





Any good business-to-business (B2B) lead begins and ends with research. What businesses should you be targeting and who are the key decision makers? If your marketing team isn’t doing the research, you’re not reaching audiences that are more likely to convert. A B2B lead generation company can put the research in and access markets you didn’t know were available.



A direct mail campaign needs to grab your audience’s attention right away. Therefore, you need a creative campaign that leaves your targets wanting more. Such a campaign can turn your targets into inbound leads.

A creative direct mail campaign opens the door for your message, giving it your best chance to acquire new customers. You can find creative campaign ideas when you visit and read about past campaigns that had high response rates. You’ll also see right away that you’ll need bold new ideas to reach your targets.



Follow Up

A direct mail campaign that brings inbound leads is great. However, that’s not how it always works out, and that’s why you need to follow up.

Together, direct mail and outbound calling are more effective than each one is in isolation. Direct mail primes your target for a phone call. Then, the person who picks up the phone will have been introduced your brand by way of your mail piece. If your campaign has hit its mark, the person already wants to know what you can do for their business.



A targeted and creative direct mail campaign cuts through the clutter in this digital era when more advertisements bombard audiences than ever before. Therefore, when you’re putting together a lead generation strategy, don’t neglect direct mail. Remember: 39% of all customers say they tried a new business as a result of direct mail. Generate more leads and sell more with an all-inclusive lead generation campaign.