Should You Look to the Past or the Future for Business Ideas?

In many activities and projects, whether it’s personal or business, the wise course of action is to find a balance. This would be a good way to look at the process of choosing among business ideas.

Take the proven methods of both the past and the future. Then combine them in the right way to succeed. The question is, of course, how do you go about finding the best ideas from the past and the future? Even more important, what are you looking for when you begin your research?

Start your search by considering the following:


Look to the Past for Business Ideas

What is your passion? What are your skills?

Keep in mind that you’re trying to find a business idea that will work in today’s economy. You might use a product or service that already exists. Or perhaps you’ll try with an idea that someone else has already used, making improvements or changes to make it your own.

However, remember that you’ll be happier if you’re passionate about what you do. In addition, you need to base your daily operations on the skills and experience you already have.


Look to the Future for Business Ideas

Will your business ideas work where you are?

If your plan involves only online services and smaller products, where your business is located might not be all that important. However, even if you plan to operate strictly online, you should pay some attention to your location, especially if you’ll need to do any shipping and mailing.

Additionally, gain some understanding of the growth areas in the global economy. Determine if your business could be successful if your business ideas were focused globally.




Basically, think about the direction your area of business is heading. Will your business ideas have potential for growth?

Give some thought also to the personal rewards you’ll receive from operating your own business, both financial and personal. Your experience—which is the sum total of your past—is unique. It can provide a foundation for your business, but your business idea must be viable in the future as well.


How Does My Business Look to Others?

Many experts recommend focusing on targeted marketing rather than on your brand. However, in the 21st century you must consider how website design will affect the way the buying public perceives your company.

As you’re deciding among business ideas, home in on a general concept for your online presence. Consider if the business ideas you’re thinking about will solve a problem. This is a good way to tie the past and future together.

If the product or service you’re planning to offer solved a problem in the past, there’s a good chance it will do so in the future, too. In fact, you should always look at your business ideas as being problem-solvers. This will lead you to customers who will be willing to pay for your assistance.


You should then focus on how to present your idea, your business, so that the individuals in your target audience will understand how your business ideas solve their problems.

Here’s a very basic example. In the past, for hundreds of years, people used kitchen towels for a variety of cleaning and drying tasks. You can still sell these small items in the future because cooks and homemakers will always need this product.  The question for the present moment becomes: How can I use new technology for marketing an age-old item?


Wrapping It Up

So when it comes to finding the best business ideas for you, look to your past experience to determine your skills and your passions. Then look to the future, where your your business success is waiting for you.