Thinking of Migrating? The 5 Best Places in the World to Start a Company

Business opportunities exist everywhere, at home and away from home. So when it comes to migrating to a new country for a startup business you have plenty to learn about and consider.

For instance, you will have to consider the type of business and its target audience, as well as the legal requirements of your new country. Moreover, you should familiarize yourself with the basic business policies of a given country before migrating there.

Additionally, the taxation laws of the country to which you’re migrating will also determine if it is favorable for a startup or business expansion. You should also check the country’s immigration laws and the nature of its local workforce. Compare its advantages and disadvantages for running a business against those in your home country.

Here are the top five countries to which you can easily migrate and start your own business. They are the best in the world.


1. Singapore

This country is the world’s best place to do almost any business. It is politically stable, and it has a strong labor force. Besides, it does not impose dividend or capital gains taxes. For this reason, it has strong investment and trade opportunities, making it a target city for global entrepreneurs.

Most multinational corporations have branches here, from restaurants to food chains and banks. The ease of doing business in Singapore and its affordable flight rates to neighboring countries make it highly attractive for anyone looking to start a business.

However, before migrating here, find out how you can get an employment pass. Additionally, check into the procedure for a permanent resident application. The more you know about the employment pass or permanent residency application for Singapore the better chance you will have for quick approval. And that will be good for both you and your business.




2. United Kingdom

This is the easiest place in Europe to incorporate a business, as it is a fast and affordable process. Moreover, taxation policies in the UK are favorable for startup businesses. The government offers tax benefits to business investors, founders, and even employees.

Some of the best places in the UK for a startup business are Stoke, Derby, Belfast, Durham, and Stirling.


3. The United States of America

This country is great for startups due to its diverse market and skilled workforce. The people here are always hungry for new things. You just have to open doors for them. However, you should first evaluate your business needs and financial status before anything else. Also, find out if the location you’re migrating to is business friendly.

Some top places for startups include New York, Oklahoma City, Seattle, Miami, Minneapolis, and Atlanta. There are others, depending on the nature of your business.

What’s more, you’ll find various funding sources for startups in the US. These range from banks, investment firms, and venture capitalists to angel investors.



4. Norway

Norway has a stable government and a strong economy. Plus, communication is easy in Norway because almost every interaction you’ll have with its government can be conducted digitally. Moreover, it has straightforward tax laws that are easy to understand.

You can easily register for property quickly. However, labor regulations and construction permits can take time due to some rigidity in those systems. On the other hand, it has low-cost fees for resolving bankruptcy, at an average of 1% of the insolvent entity’s value.

Additionally, Norway has skilled laborers in various business categories. These range from music technology, design, and finance to information technology. Depending on your business, you will find a wide array of investors, talent, and industrial expertise.

Norwegians as a whole are digitally advanced, and known to be early adopters. They are hungry for anything related to technology.


5. New Zealand

It takes only a day to incorporate a business in New Zealand. Then, it takes only two more to register a property. Moreover, the country has a skilled and educated workforce as well as low labor costs. As for taxes, there are no payroll taxes, no capital gains taxes, and no social security taxes.

You can opt to operate your business as an individual or be part of a partnership sharing operational costs.

There is also another structure for limited liability companies, with their own legal entity separate from their shareholders. Moreover, there are publicly listed companies, too, on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, NZSX.

Nevertheless, be sure to learn more about New Zealand market trends before migrating to start up a business there.



Finally, if you’re planning on migrating to start a business in another country, be sure to learn all you can about that country’s laws and policies related to the business you have in mind. Make your decision once you know all the facts.