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When looking for business ideas, the beauty industry is one of the best choices to make today. According to Forbes, the beauty business industry currently makes about $445 billion in sales. Plus, it evolves with extreme speed.

Small brands are on the rise here. With the growing popularity of beauty services, opportunities within the industry are limitless. So whether you have a talent for styling hair, applying makeup, or organizing a business, you’ll be able to launch a successful startup of your own.

1. Body Piercing Service

The oldest earrings date back to 2500 B.C., meaning that’s how old the human love for body piercing is, at the very least. Today it’s an insanely popular service as people’s passion for self-expression through body altering grows all over the world.

Business-wise, starting a body piercing service is quick and requires very little investment. As long as you have the training and tools necessary, you can start working at any time. You can start offering your services online and work part-time before you build up to opening a parlor. You can also combine your efforts with tattoo artists and stylists to open a salon together.

2. Beauty Salon

If your talents are more of a business variety and you have a starting capital, opening a salon will be a great idea. You’ll need to secure a good location and launch a potent local marketing campaign, as the majority of your clients will be coming from the areas nearby. That’s why you should secure a location in a place with lots of recreational traffic, such as a mall. After that you’ll need to hire a few talented professionals and get salon furniture.

The majority of beauty salons employ fewer than ten people. Launching this business can be either your beginning or a natural progression after working as a private stylist or hairdresser. The beauty salon industry is growing steadily, so you shouldn’t have a problem with securing financing.

3. eCommerce (Beauty Products)

If you need beauty business ideas that you can operate from home, an online cosmetics shop is one of the best. eCommerce doesn’t require a big initial investment aside from purchasing the products you will sell. You can obtain these easily through direct sales programs and dealership contracts. Then you need to partner up with a cosmetics fulfillment company that will manage warehousing of your products and fulfill your orders directly, in coordination with you. This is very convenient since you can’t keep everything at home.

The most important element of your success in this field is your website. Your shop will need a top-quality, well optimized website hosted on a reliable server. You will also need to go all out on a digital marketing campaign, investing in social media and Google ads.


4. Personal Stylist and/or Shopper

If you love fashion, beauty, and helping other people build their personal image, being a personal stylist or an image consultant is one of the best beauty business ideas for you. This occupation has flexible hours. Plus, you can work completely online.

Being a personal shopper is much the same. However, this requires more of a personal involvement from you to actually make purchases on behalf of your clients.

The main benefits of this work are that it doesn’t require any investment or even specialized education. If you already have a popular blog and/or social media channel, you can make it a side business. Otherwise, start a fashion and beauty blog right away as you’ll need to build up a personal brand.

5. Personal Fitness Training

Becoming a personal fitness trainer is a clever beauty business ideas for those who love sports or want to monetize their passion for a healthy lifestyle. You can limit it to actual fitness training or expand your service to develop personal diet plans, exercise programs, and maybe even fashion advice.

If you plan to go that route, it will be best to become a lifestyle coach. You should also look into online courses on psychology, motivation, and life coaching, as these skills will help you achieve better results.

6. Beauty/Fashion Blog and Vlog

The simplest of the beauty business ideas you can realize without any investment is starting a beauty/fashion blog. You should do this regardless of whether you start a different kind of beauty business. That’s because a blog will boost your marketing significantly.

The blog will be an important element in building your personal brand, which is the key to success in today’s competitive beauty industry.


In short, if you have a passion for fashion and beauty, you’ll find a wealth of beauty business ideas just waiting for you.