CBD Products

Launch a Lucrative Ecommerce Store with a Focus on CBD Products

You are only a few clicks away from starting your own successful ecommerce dynasty with a focus on CBD products and the best kratom strains. As an entrepreneur, this could be just the opportunity you have been hoping for.

The legal issues around cannabis products continue to dissipate, and as they do, CBD products are quickly gaining in popularity. As a matter of fact, CBD sales exceeded $500 million in 2018. What’s more, they’re expected to approach $2 billion by 2022. Just think: You could have a piece of that action.


Here’s How to Get Started

To get started, buy CBD wholesale from Diamond CBD. They make it easy, with free shipping on wholesale orders of more than $1,000 online. What’s more, they also offer a coupon for 25% off your first order, as a sign-up bonus.

Additionally, they offer easy payment methods. For instance, they accept payment in a variety of ways, including credit card, money orders, and checks. And they accept orders of any size up to $25,000, payable by credit card.

To make things even easier, they offer next-day shipping. What this means is that you can get started with your online business featuring CBD products right away.

What’s Available?

Choose from a vast array of CBD products, including edibles, vapes, oils, creams, beauty products, and more. Act now and your profits can begin rolling in within days.

Additionally, Diamond CBD has a variety of display packages to choose from. Therefore, you can make it easy for your customers to choose the CBD products that will best serve their needs. Moreover, you will save 10% when you order from Diamond CBD’s collection of displays.

Also, Diamond CBD makes it easy for your customers to understand the CBD products they’re purchasing from you. That’s because each package comes with easy-to-understand instructions that include clear dosage amounts and instructions. Additionally, packages also include QR codes in case your customers have further questions about the CBD products they have purchased from you.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the more than a hundred compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Some of your customers will purchase CBD products for vaping. Others will want gummies, drops, lotions, or creams. Also, an increasingly popular way to ingest CBD is to add a few drops of CBD oil to drinks or foods. That’s because CBD oil is soluble in fat.

Who Will Your Customers Be?

CBD is known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, many people in your target audience will be people who suffer chronic pain from a variety of sources. Also, insomniacs and those who suffer from anxiety say they benefit from CBD products. CBD products are thought to be beneficial for treating a variety of other ailments as well.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some of your customers may complain from time to time, however, of side effects. These can include nausea, irritability, and fatigue. CBD products can also increase the levels of certain medications in the blood, including the blood thinner coumadin. Therefore, it’s best to advise your customers to check with their physicians if they plan to use CBD products in conjunction with other supplements and medications.

Will CBD Get My Customers High?

CBD by itself is not psychoactive, unlike its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Therefore, it doesn’t make people feel high, although some users say it imparts a feeling of relaxation and calm. However, about 5% of people who have used CBD have reported the feeling of being in an altered mental or emotional state.

CBD Products Are Made from the Hemp Plant

The plant Cannabis sativa has two primary species: hemp and marijuana. Of the two, hemp contains more CBD than does marijuana. On the other hand, marijuana contains more THC than hemp does. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase high-quality CBD, make sure it comes from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant.

The Legality of CBD Products Is in Flux

The legality of most cannabis derivatives is still changing rapidly at both the state and federal levels in the United States. The one exception is the FDA-approved drug Epidiolex, which is derived from CBD. This drug is now approved for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy in children.

In order to allow doctors to dispense Epidiolex legally, the FDA will need to reschedule CBD down from its current classification as a dangerous drug—a Schedule I—to a Schedule II or III drug. This change appears to be in process. Additionally, there appears to be bipartisan consensus in Congress for the easing of restrictions on the hemp plant, if not the marijuana plant.

Moreover, on the global level, in December 2017 the World Health Organization stated that it found no public health problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

More Research Is Underway

In December 2015, US federal regulators eased restrictions so as to allow researchers to begin studying CBD. Since then, several studies have taken place, and anecdotal evidence is mounting that some sufferers do find relief from using CBD products.

However, most medical experts still say there is not yet enough evidence to support all the claims sellers make about CBD products. Moreover, medical experts say they don’t yet understand which doses or delivery methods work best for which ailment. Nor do they understand how CBD products affect the human brain. Clearly, more study is needed.

Online Ordering of CBD Products Is Off to a Great Start

Despite this dearth of research and the products’ fuzzy legality in the US, people can order CBD products online, regardless of which state they live in. Moreover, the DEA has not been strictly enforcing its regulations around these products, so people feel safe in acquiring them. All of this is good news for your online store.

Keep in mind, however, that if you’re going to sell or use CBD, it’s important to purchase CBD that has been tested for quality. For example, traces of THC have been discovered in some products that were sold as pure CBD products. So as you launch your online store with its focus on CBD products, be sure to stick with a reliable wholesaler such as Diamond CBD. In other words, purchase only high-quality CBD wholesale from a trusted wholesaler.