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How to Market Your Crafts Online

There are some creative people in the world. Are you one of them? These days, thanks to the Internet and platforms like YouTube and Etsy, creative souls like you can not only learn more creative skills but also sell your crafts.

However, marketing your creations online isn’t easy. There is a lot of competition and it’s hard to stand out. So let’s look at some tips that can help you market your crafts online.

Know Your Audience

One thing that creative individuals have in their favor when it comes to selling their crafts online is that many of them find they can be great at marketing. That’s because marketing, too, is a creative endeavor.

For example, even selling something as ordinary as a cutting mat can become a lucrative business if the seller puts the work into marketing it appropriately. To see a great example of this kind of creative marketing, click here. Then you will see how one such seller is achieving success. 


Moreover, crafting tools such as cutting mats are popular online. All you need to do is to appeal to an audience of people who are interested in crafting. To market your products to that audience, create videos showcasing your own crafts. Also, design an online shop with an emphasis on arts and crafts.

You could also create a blog wherein you write about crafting. Include links back to your products in your posts. It will often take time to market your products in this way. However, in time you will build up a strong audience of buyers for your crafts and begin to make a name for yourself.

Find Your Niche

One way independent sellers can successfully market their crafts is to appeal to their niche. While big businesses can take a more general approach by appealing to as many people as possible, small sellers must take the exact opposite approach. Therefore, find your people and sell your crafts to that audience instead.

Let’s use the previous example of selling cutting mats again to illustrate how this approach can benefit you. You can find success by making your cutting mats different. For example, you could make them of higher quality materials than those other websites offer. In this way, your products will appeal to hardcore crafters who will want what you’re offering.

Taking this analogy a step further, showcase how your crafts are better than those available on other websites. Also, remember to celebrate your niche. Always remember that you don’t have to try and please everyone like the bigger businesses do. And that is actually a good thing.

Learn to Take Good Photographs of Your Crafts

One area where independent sellers and big businesses don’t really differ is their equal need for excellent photography. In fact, since your crafts will likely be selling as a niche product, you should really go all out with your photography.

selling your crafts online

Focus on capturing the ways in which your crafts are different from others’ and include a slideshow of detailed photographs to capture details and special features.

Use Social Media to Market Your Crafts

Social media is essential for independent sellers. That’s because social media gives you a way to display new products while also building interest in your crafts and interacting with your audience.

Additionally, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also give you the freedom to express your personality as an independent crafts seller. For one thing, you don’t have to be as rigid as a larger, more traditional business might need to be.

This is not to say that you won’t need to be professional. However, you can have a little more fun and be creative with your social media posts.

So set up some social media pages for your crafting business. Then encourage anyone who buys from you to follow you and interact with you there. Social media offers many benefits when it comes to small independent sellers, so it is well worth investing your time into it.

Offer Variety

Good online sellers always have several different products to offer their customers. You might have a particular crafting specialty, but you should also try to have some options for your buyers.

Your cutting mats, for example, could come in different sizes and colors. This would appeal to more people. Another idea is to add some different designs on them. Variety can mean small variations as well as new products.


If you enjoy making things with your hands, and you dream of making a living by selling your crafts online, don’t buy into the myth of the starving artist. Put your creative talents to work not only in creating your crafts but also into creative marketing techniques. Before you know it, you could be making a living—or at least be the proud owner of a thriving side gig—by selling your crafts online.