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POP Displays Grab Attention and Increase Sales

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Much of marketing is focused on how best to grab a customer’s attention. One method that has become increasingly popular in recent years is point of purchase, or POP displays. This is because POP displays offer significant benefits for businesses, including an impressive return on investment. In this article we look at how to make effective POP displays and how best to use them.


The Benefits of POP Displays

The primary benefit of POP displays for retailers is that they provide a significant amount of product visibility. This increases the likelihood of impulse spending on a particular product.

They can also offer a significant amount of versatility, both with regard to the design of the display and its placement. For example, you can place these displays almost anywhere in the store and still achieve optimal results.

As a result, brands will be able to implement a variety of features into POP displays, such as videos and other design elements. Coupled with the right design, this could mean they’re more likely to grab a customer’s attention.

Given that the consumer is already at the point of purchase, this could increase the volume of sales that a brand sees. This revenue boost can be seen by both the advertiser and the retailer.

However, in order to effectively grab a consumer’s attention with such a display, there are a number of points you need to consider.


Best Uses of POP Displays

POP displays have many uses. However, they are more effective when used in certain ways.

To Highlight New Products

First, retailers will want to highlight certain products, especially if these products are new. You can also include complementary items in a POP display. For example, you might include chips with dips, razors with shaving creams, and so on.

For Seasonal Promotions

Moreover, you might want to use a POP display for seasonal promotions, such as holiday decorations and more. With the versatility that these displays offer, you can easily customize them for different holiday specials, or even reuse them every year with other offers.

With Attention-Grabbing Designs

Finally, POP displays can be a cost-effective way of gaining brand visibility and increasing sales. However, this will only be the case when they are designed in a way that will grab a customer’s attention and initiate the buying cycle.


How to Make Effective POP Displays

You need to do a number of things to ensure that you grab customers’ attention with a POP display. The first of these is to use video content when appropriate, as visuals will be much more likely to catch people’s attention.

This increases the likelihood of a purchase, which is the point, of course. However, be sure to keep video content short. Customers generally don’t linger long in a retail store, which means you’ll only have their attention for a few seconds.

Where to Place a POP Display

You also need to consider the placement of POP displays. As with product placement in general, where these displays are placed can significantly affect results. So set them as close to the cash register as possible.  

Space will also play a significant role in how effective your point of purchase display is. In many cases, you might have a limited amount of space to work with. This means that the effective use of space is vital. While video content will be beneficial in terms of space, you’ll also need to consider what other information the customer will need.

Considering Your Target Audience in POP Displays

As with other forms of marketing, you need to know your target market when designing POP displays. Different demographics will respond better to some designs than others. In other words, what will grab one group’s attention may not grab another’s.

Making Use of Emotional Triggers

Therefore, you will need to know what triggers a buying decision for your target audience, and this includes how the design might affect them emotionally. So focus on your consumers’ wants and needs and base your design on that. This increases the likelihood of grabbing their attention, and it encourages them to make an impulse buy.


Use a POP display or two in your retail store, enjoy a great return on your investment, and watch your sales climb.

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