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Stock Trading: 6 Best Apps For Competitive Trading Contests

Featured image by Sergitokmakov on Pixabay

Stock trading and cryptocurrency are some of the most demanding things in investment and capital generation. However, when talking about mobile devices and the high-tech realm, stock trading is more prominent. For that sake, numerous apps, websites, and platforms can help investors receive more perks. However, what are the best apps for stock traders to participate in the competitive trading contest? 

These apps help you to benefit from a fully-featured online trading experience despite your experience. First, however, you can try Fantasy Stock Games to enjoy and learn about cryptocurrency trading and all the relevant stuff. 

Are you a beginner or a professional trading expert? Regardless of your experience these apps are simple to use. They also have various stock trading offers and ETF trades that you can use. 

However, how do you know what is the best app and how it benefits you? Grab the details in this article and let’s begin to learn more about these apps.


What Are the Best Apps For Stock Traders?

Undoubtedly, you may find infinite apps for stock trading ranging from minimal to maximum features. Nevertheless, getting the one that fits your specific needs is essential. That is why we have come up with some of the most demanding apps for you to try.

  1. Fidelity. This app is good to go with the investors because it has features that beneficially serve investors.
  2. E*TRADE. Are you looking for an app that has options? Then E*Trade is best for your requirements. 
  3. Vig App. Vig App is the #1 app backed with excellent features to serve the needs of beginners and professionals. 
  4. TD Ameritrade. Traders will get happy with TD Ameritrade because it is the best stock app for traders.
  5. Interactive Brokers. Being a professional is a good thing and getting Interactive Brokers is the choice that professionals like. 
  6. Merrill Edge. Make your stock research more supportive while investing your bucks with the Merrill Edge app.

Thankfully, all these apps have salient features that make them different from each other. So, it is better to compare all these apps for a better impression. 

Things to Consider

While choosing an app for stock traders to participate in competitive trading contests, look for the following features in the stock trade apps:

  • Real-time streaming quotes
  • Multiple indicators Charting 
  • Watch lists synchronization 
  • Stock alerts
  • Trading tools
  • Research support

Some of the most common features have been listed here to use while having a stock trading app. Moreover, when talking about the safety of these apps, you must also explore their brokers worth and their consumer’s reviews for getting the facts. You can also use an online stock prediction software to guide you in stock trading.


Why Is App Security Important?

When you are participating in competitive trading contests or doing stock trading, you have to keep your stock or cryptocurrency secure. It is the most important factor with any stock trading app. This reduces the risk of loss, theft, or stock hacking.

Make sure to rely on a trustable broker to protect your account and amount at the same time. All the above apps have security support to keep stock trading more fun and fruitful for traders. 

Most apps offer biometric login, two-step verification, two-factor authentication, and many other features to keep your trading more secure.

Technology and Free Stock Availability

When discussing technology, these apps have strong support, but the VIG app and TD Ameritrade are on top of their excellent advanced features. For example, it has the Alexa Skill that collaborates with Facebook Messenger, artificial intelligence (AI), and a built-in chatbot. 

Some apps even offer you free stock as per their rules and choice. Apps that do this are Webull and Robinhood. They give it as an incentive to the users for encouraging them. However, they have the terms to receive these shares. Sometimes you will get the free stock by sending the referrals, opening a new account, and so on. The main purpose of these stock trader’s apps is to give ease and feasibility to the users. 

Before investing your amount in cryptocurrency, you must explore every app carefully. If you use the right app it can help improve your crypto trading outcomes.