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8 Part-Time Jobs for MBA Students Writing Dissertations

Most MBA students have gone through a situation during their academic life when they were hurting for money. What’s the answer? Maybe a part-time job.

However, for an MBA student pursuing a graduate degree, managing an MBA dissertation along with the need to earn some money is not easy. While exploring new avenues through research is fulfilling, finding the right part-time job that will work with your studies can be tough. To address your worries, we have compiled a list of the top eight part-time jobs in 2024 that are a perfect fit for busy MBA students like you.

A National Center for Education Statistics survey found that around 40% of undergraduates work at least 20 hours a week while in college. Another study in 2019, published in Nature, found that 19% of PhD students have part-time jobs, mostly to cover their living expenses. In other words, the majority of graduate students need part-time jobs along with studies.

Most MBA students plan to have careers related to their studies in business and management. Fortunately, many of these career paths also offer part-time jobs. In this article, we will discuss the eight best part-time jobs for MBA students as they pursue their dissertation journey.


Top 8 Part-Time Jobs for MBA Students Writing Their Dissertations

Are you wondering what the top part-time jobs for MBA students writing dissertations could be? The jobs we describe here will help you cover your expenses while you pursue your education at the same time. Students can also look for dissertation writing services to help them balance their professional and academic lives. This company provides the best dissertation writing services. They will work to address your needs and help you manage your dissertation while you continue with your part-time job.

Now, here are the best part-time jobs for MBA students who are working on their dissertations:

1. Sales and Marketing Roles for MBA Students

Salary: Ranges from £28,000 to £76,000 in the UK, with an average of £45,961.

The first job that we found was in sales and marketing. MBA students know these areas well. That’s why these are among the best part-time jobs for MBA students, as they know how to research various topics and can create marketing strategies for the company they work for.

Students get chances to present and execute new sales plans, which will also be helpful in dissertation writing. In the initial stages, you may start as a part-time worker. But later on, a job like this could give you various growth opportunities, such as brand manager, sales manager, B2B sales manager, and more.

2. Finance Careers

Salary: An average salary is £43,583 per year in the UK.

While looking for part-time finance jobs for MBA students, we found some relevant jobs where professionals make critical decisions within a company. Their main focus is on areas such as investment banking, risk management, budgeting, financial planning, and more. The MBA student’s value to the company is that they give the company opportunities for more profit and growth.

So if you are pursuing an MBA in finance, look for roles as a financial analyst, finance manager, accounting manager, and other similar positions.

You will be a great fit for this role if you stay updated on recent trends and technological issues. In addition, you should have good writing skills to represent the company at a high level. This is because you will likely handle queries regarding your company on social media.


3. Freelance M&A Acquisitions Specialist

Salary: Freelancers can earn up to £80,000 or even £150,000 per year.

Well-established companies frequently offer freelance opportunities for MBA students when they need, for example, a dedicated and dynamic acquisitions specialist to join their firm on a contract basis. Students enjoy freelancing because these jobs offer flexible work hours along with high salaries.

This role could involve working directly with the boards of both public and private companies, focusing on corporate strategy and the SME market. Students with any of these qualifications, such as ACA, ACCA, MBA, or equivalent, are eligible for this role. Basically, if you have strong financial and operational analysis skills, proficiency in database research, and excellent interpersonal abilities this part-time career path could work out well for you.

4. MBA Students as Research Assistants

Salary: On average, graduate research assistants earn £31,193 per year in the United Kingdom.

Becoming a research assistant is another great option for MBA students when searching for part-time jobs. This not only benefits the company you are working with but also gives you a fantastic chance to improve your research skills. This, in turn, could give you a better dissertation.

So, explore your passion-driven research in greater detail. Academic research assistantships offer significant benefits such as tuition fee compensation or a stipend. The company might even directly support your dissertation topic and provide you with valuable research experience.

5. Human Resource Jobs for MBA Students

Salary: An average salary is £39,397 per year.

Human resource (HR) jobs for MBA students involve various responsibilities such as managing talent, overseeing compensation and benefits, conducting employee training, and ensuring workplace safety. Positions within this field include HR manager, HR assistant, and employee relations manager. As an MBA student, if you get this job opportunity, it could be very beneficial for your future.

6. IT and Systems Jobs

Salary: The average salary for an IT Systems Engineer is £36,331 per year.

In these roles, professionals handle the hardware and software needs of organizations they are working with. These are among the best jobs for MBA students who have a great interest in the IT field. Common job titles include project manager, product manager, and business analyst.

7. MBA Operations Manager Jobs

Salary: The average salary for an MBA operations manager is £45,533 per year in the UK.

Responsibilities in operations management include forecasting, product design, supply chain management, inventory management, and maintaining quality standards. Job titles for this specialization may include business operations manager and logistics manager.

8. Data Analyst

Salary: the average salary for a data analyst in the UK falls between £38,000 and £49,000 per year.

Data powers the world these days. Everything depends on the availability of data.

Moreover, it is best for students to gain experience in data analysis, so whenever you find these jobs listed for MBA students, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. You can develop critical skills by taking a part-time job with an organization that needs assistance with data input, cleaning, or analysis. This experience also looks fantastic on your CV and can be directly used in your dissertation study.


As an MBA student, you sometimes struggle to manage your finances, especially while you’re writing your dissertation. In this critical situation, look for a part-time job that would work well for you as an MBA student while also helping you make your dissertation the best it can be.

So look at your skills and subject specialization before you select a job. You can complete your dissertation and set yourself up for success in the future with the help of a well-chosen part-time job. However, this will take perseverance. One thing some students do is buy dissertations online. This can help to ease your burden in these circumstances and further your success.