How to Make Money with Site-O-Rific

Here’s an interesting new opportunity from a new advertiser:

Do you know anything about the building trades? Do you enjoy the internet? If so, you might want to consider affiliating with Site-O-Rific if you:

  • Blog about, or have a website about tools, or you’re a supplier of tools and parts. Offer Site-O-Rific websites to the contractors who do business with you.
  • Work in the building trade. Make extra money by signing up other contractors in your region, perhaps service professionals who aren’t in direct competition with you and work in complementary trades. Make the commission from their websites.
  • Manage a professional trade organization. Offer Site-O-Rific websites to your members so they can increase their business profits.
  • Make a living as a salesperson. This could be a desirable part-time or full-time job. Call on contractors in your region and make substantial commissions.

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