Unique Logos for the Small Biz Entrepreneur

The following is a guest post from the guys at Logo Inn. At the end, I’m going to announce how one lucky reader can get a free logo designed by their professional logo design team.

Contrary to conventional belief, in times of recession, when marketing budgets are slashed, it makes even more sense to spend on acquiring new customers, who are “now” looking for affordable alternatives. Hence recession actually is not such a bad news for small business owners.

In a time when the Big Guys are looking out for more affordable and effective vendors to cut down costs, it’s the time to rightly position your small business and benefit from the situation. No matter how many times you have heard it, it cannot be stressed enough that your business needs a unique identity, a voice of its own.

Once you have found your identity, all your marketing and branding activities should follow course. Your logo should closely reflect the unique positioning of your business. Following up with your website, your copy, in short all your marketing collateral should be focused around your unique business identity.

Experts all around stress a lot on having a unique logo. Why? Being as a small business owner, you don’t have mass advertising budgets to begin with and so, benefiting from every single small opportunity you get to bring forward your brand should be utilized to the fullest.

A well-designed logo also reflects the investment that has been made in the company. Such a logo shows that management has strong commitments to quality and professionalism. On other hand, a badly designed logo or the lack of one is often associated with organizations that are undercapitalized and poorly organized.

An easy to recognize logo gives you an advantage over your competition because it builds customer recognition. Just think how easy it is to visualize the company logos of McDonalds, Starbucks and Intel.

Lastly, a logo makes your brochures, ads, letterheads and envelops stand out from the crowd. Lack of marketing budget could be covered by having a unique logo as it helps small businesses to be identified by people at a glance, which means your company name will not be easily forgotten.

Giveaway: If you’re in the market for a new logo, please leave a short message in the comments. One lucky commenter will receive a free logo from Logo Inn. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited, and all that jazz.

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