Cool Biz: Labels For Kids’ Gear

According to trendspotter Springwise, Oliver’s Labels sells a wide variety of name labels in multiple colourful styles, designs, formats and sizes.

As an alternative to including personal information like phone numbers or addresses, however, Oliver’s gives its customers the free option of printing a 9-digit tracking system code on their labels that links them with the labeled item via the company’s “Found-it” system.

For customers who choose to include it, the Found-it system allows finders of lost items to go to a special page on the Oliver’s website and enter the code printed on the label. Oliver’s then matches the code with the owner of the item and sends an email notification to that person, thereby acting as an intermediary between the owner and the finder so personal details need never be shared. A package of 60 Oliver’s iron-on clothing labels is priced at USD 19.99.

As anyone who’s ever spent any time with children knows, lost items are a recurring fact of life–as is the need to protect personal information.

With benefits toward both ends, Oliver’s Labels seeks agents to sell its products, which are also available for fundraising purposes. One to get involved in… or to emulate in your part of the world?

Photo by Oliver’s Labels.

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