Zapping For Self Defense

A Canadian inventor has created a new device that can be used for self-defense reports The Vancouver Sun.

David Norman of Gabriola Island said he is taking orders for his Quasar portable personal stun device online, but is holding off selling them until he sorts out the legal hassles that might prevent him from marketing them in Canada.

Electrical devices without the Canadian Standards Association seal are not allowed to be sold in B.C.

RCMP have expressed an interest in the device, which packs a 900-volt shock. That’s far less than the 50,000-volt punch of the stun devices used by police, but what’s not clear is whether the device fits the legal definition of a prohibited weapon.

“Of course the legal issues only apply to Canada. There’s a much larger market in the U.S. and there’s a big world out there,” Norman said.

The former British aerospace engineer came to Canada nine years ago. He said he got the idea for his device when he accidentally broke open a hand-held bug zapper, exposing the circuitry inside.

He built a personal protection device, which he used for a few years, then three years ago he started to develop a marketable prototype.

The result is the Quasar, not much bigger than a disposable lighter. Available in a range of colours, it lists for $49.95.

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