Passion For Yoga Inspires Business

Monrovia Patch:

Gyl Elliot believes the path to good physical and spiritual health is through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Elliot has been teaching yoga for 12 years, and learning more all the time. After she studied structural yoga therapy, which emphasizes anatomy and physiology, with Mukunda Stiles, she also learned Sanskrit, and in 2009 she earned a Master’s in Eastern Philosophy at the University of the West in Rosemead.

“It’s this unbelievable school that’s right up the street,” she said.

In addition to training yoga instructors at her Yoga Alliance certified school, Shanti Yoga Center, Elliot now offers structural yoga therapy, ayurvedic assessments, meditation, private sessions, and classes for couples and small groups at the new location. She also gives workshops on a variety of topics, including Sanskrit, the Bhagavad-Gita, energetic anatomy, yoga sutras, mantras, and mudras.

“It’s very much focused on the spiritual. If you want to relieve anxiety and stress and find a spiritual center, I can help you,” she said.

Photo by Oleg Klementiev

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