Coupon Binder Holder Invention


Carttiara; a simple yet highly innovative product, is on a distinct road to become the next best sensation in couponing communities all over the U.S. With an unusual name, a simple “need”, and a great idea, Carttiara was invented by a wife, who happens to dabble in shopping marathons on frequent basis.

Since a huge proportion of the couponing population is gravitated towards coupon organizers, it becomes kind of hard for people to actually haul those binders in their shopping carts. The invention came out at the right time when savvy couponers needed a kind of a supporting structure that could be used to shelf a coupon binder without taking up precious space inside shopping carts.

Couponing Traumatic Stress Disorder – Never Again:

‘CTSD’ is perhaps a commonly known terminology among shoppers these days. Perhaps they might not be accustomed to all syllables that ‘CTSD’ stands for, but in a nutshell, the term represents a load of coupon organizing related dilemmas.

First off, while shopping in the middle of the “busiest Super Double” coupons days, it is a commonly observed struggle for cart pushers to store items in compact shopping buggies, whilst they’re actively striving to locate the appropriate discount coupons. At the same time, the bulky coupon binder has to be balanced to an extent of preventing any possible embarrassment, fear of coupons flying all over and so much more.

Carttiara Coupon Binder Holder quickly resolves such conflicts by providing convenience, a sturdy platform, and compatibility altogether. This extreme coupon organizer holder snaps quickly unto regular shopping cart rods; hence providing a support for all kinds of coupon book placement related needs.

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