Love Locks: Padlocks for Valentine’s Day


The Indianapolis Star:

Searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife last year, Indianapolis resident Chris Coburn stumbled across “love locks,” the European trend of securing a padlock to a significant place with a significant other and throwing away the key.

The act, representing eternal love, is slowly spreading to the United States, and Coburn is capitalizing.

Now, in addition to working as a software engineer for Single Point, the Purdue University alumnus is the founder of Lock-itz, a company specializing in personalized padlocks.

Coburn came up with the business idea when, rather than scratching into the lock himself, he tried to find a company to customize one.

“I settled for a nice brass padlock and used a Sharpie to pen my message to my wife,” Coburn said.

In the middle of Nevada, to the west of Winnemucca, there’s a small town called Lovelock, and the “love locks” trend has been going on strong there for a number of years. I’m glad to see that others are capitalizing on this idea.

Photo by Steshkin Yevgeniy/ShutterStock.

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