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Are you facing legal challenges in your personal life or in your business? If so, you are likely looking for your next lawyer. In this post, we offer suggestions about what to look for in an attorney.
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In this post, we answer readers' questions about Timothy Sykes. We examine accusations he’s running a scam, look at his earnings claims, and more. This is an in-depth, unbiased review, updated in 2020.
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Businessman and investor Vinod Gupta lives by a seemingly simple philosophy: learn, earn, and return. This philosophy has enabled him to donate more than $50 million toward various philanthropic endeavors.
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Billionaire businessman Ray Dalio is the 58th-richest person on the planet. He is credited with refining the notion of idea meritocracy, an approach which emphasizes the actualization of ideas regardless of who thought of them. Dalio’s concept should appeal to anyone who is looking to get into business.
Roman Avdeev
Together with his third wife, Roman Avdeev fosters 23 children, 19 of whom are adopted. Avdeev is one of only two famous billionaires on the planet with so many children. Only 93-year old Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi, a banker from Saudi Arabia, has as many children as Roman Avdeev. Read more about the fascinating life of this Russian billionaire here.
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Building a successful affiliate site today is more competitive and more difficult than it has been in the past. However, these higher barriers to entry aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They just mean that if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can isolate yourself from new competition in the long term. Let’s have a look at some successful affiliate websites, and then let’s talk about traits they have in common. We'll talk about some things that make them unique, and what makes them so successful.
Energy conservation has become a controversial topic in the geopolitical space. Nearly everyone talks about it, and a lot of people are working to conserve energy. However, reports indicate that we continue to waste energy. American Power and Gas, a quickly growing energy company, is working hard to help people understand the importance of energy conservation. The company works to provide Americans with renewable energy at affordable prices. Its CEO, Tom Cummins, spoke to us about the venture and the importance of preserving energy. Here's what he had to say.
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Source: I am all for empowering women out there. This is a very inspiring video and article from about two women who decided to start a women's life style blog and just did it!...

Building a Better Burger

Hollymatic, which helped bring the fast food hamburger into existence, is continuing its founder’s quest for a better burger.
How did Marc Roth go from homeless to entrepreneur? Read this and found out how.
Should you pursue many business opportunities like Richard Branson, or should you focus your whole life on one, like Mark Zuckerberg?
Gigi Butler was a cleaning lady with just $33 to her name when she opened her first cupcake shop in Nashville, Tennessee, almost seven years ago.
For years, the Weather Channel accepted that viewers ignored it on sunny days and essentially bided its time until a hurricane came along and the whole country tuned in for hours, even days.
For the past two and a half years Michael Hallatt has been a "pirate" -- importing Trader Joe’s foods across the US/Canadian border.
In 1962, when he was 33, the scientist Nick Holonyak, Jr., created the first practical visible light-emitting diode. Holonyak wasn't trying to create a light that would replace incandescent bulbs. He was trying to make...
Yahoo Finance: While reviewing a thick legal document in her office one night at 2:00 a.m., corporate attorney YiShaun Yang had an epiphany – she realized the desire to be her own boss and...
Thingverse is a website to swap digital files for 3D printing tiny objects. You can download and print the objects using a Makerbot, or a 3D printing service. Eventually, the site hopes to...
Amy Parsons used to work as a telecommunications executive, but the stress was eating her alive. Diagnosed with an autoimmune condition aggravated by stress, she didn't let it frustrate her when she was laid...
In Janet Shulman's caramels, you'll find local ingredients. Whether it is Schlafly beer or bacon from Missouri-based pigs, reports Ladue-Frontenac Patch. Shulman, the mother of two, is a self-described “mompreneur.” As her children went off...
After more than a decade of success in Arizona, Larry "Lo-Lo" and Rasheedah White, founders of Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles, are ready to start a soul food revolution. The couple has partnered with local real...