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Daily Nation:

One morning six years ago while working in his former employer’s regional office in South Africa, Mr Stephen Sila got a letter from his boss informing him that he was being promoted to the position of finance director.

And in order to work in his new position, he was scheduled to relocate to United Arab Emirates, Dubai, in the bank’s regional office.

Unlike many people who would have greeted the offer happily, Mr Sila was not get excited.

More than once he had been contemplating quitting his job as an accountant, and return to Kenya to find something else to do.

“I think over 15 years in the banking industry was enough and although I knew getting promoted means pocketing a bigger salary, that did not change my decision. I wanted to venture into entrepreneurship,” he told Money.

His banking job enabled him to travel a lot especially in African countries thereby gaining a lot of experience while interacting with people from the continent’s diverse cultures.

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