Water Filter For Any Water Bottle

A few companies in existence offer a unique water bottle with a filtration system included in the bottle, but what if you want to use a variety of different bottles? There is now botlfilter.

Created by Canadian entrepreneur, Emily Wilkinson, all you have to do is put the filter back inside the botlfilter case and drop it into the water within any water bottle. A few good shakes help speed up the filtration process, and your water is ready to drink, reports The Toronto Observer.

“Canadians dispose of millions of water bottles a year,” she said. “That’s a lot of plastic and not all of it is being recycled. In fact, most is shipped out and thrown in landfills.

“I was looking for an alternative to filtered water but without the plastic waste.”

The botlfilter is different from other water filters on the market, Wilkinson said, because it requires no pre-soaking, uses biodegradable and compostable filter bags, and generates no plastic waste. It works by dropping it in and shaking a reusable container full of water.

“I invented a product that separates the filter from its container so people are able to reuse the filter case and simply toss the filter bag into the compost,” she said. “Activated carbon actually assists the composting process. The filter bags are fully biodegradable.”

Activated carbon is one of the keys to making the botlfilter work, Wilkinson said.

“In water, carbon attracts and traps unwanted substances, such as chlorine, pesticides and detergents, which are harmful,” she said. “Each botlfilter bag allows multiple uses, or a constant tap flow for up to four litres or three days of use, whichever comes first.”

Image from botlfilter

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