Test Drive To Broken Down Motorists


The Rescue Drive campaign from car dealership Orca Chevrolet set out to find drivers with broken-down cars and offered them a test drive of the new Chevrolet Cobalt.

When carrying out a marketing strategy, one of the most important aspects is getting the correct timing. With this in mind, Rescue Drive — a new campaign from Brazil-based car dealership Orca Chevrolet — found drivers who had broken down and offered them a test drive while their car was towed.

The retailer teamed up with a local tow company and followed their rescue cars to the site of drivers whose vehicle had failed. Those whose cars needed to be towed away were offered a test drive of the new Chevrolet Cobalt to wherever they were headed. The idea behind the campaign was that Chevrolet could turn a negative situation into a positive one by providing a free lift to drivers, while also targeting drivers at the moment they might be thinking of ditching their current model.

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