Beads That Promote Good Posture

The Windsor Star:

One day, when she was nursing her newborn son Nestah, he pulled the chain off her pendant, causing the necklace to break. She decided to restring it, and fill the extra string with more beads, which lay along her spine when she put it on.

She said she noticed that whenever her posture wasn’t proper – like when she bent down to pick up Nestah – the beads would swing from her back onto the front of her shoulder. When she slouched on a chair, the feeling of the beads served as a gentle reminder to sit up straight.

As someone with a clinical herbalist and iridologist diploma, and who had been practising yoga for several years, Latouf knew the importance of good posture. Bad posture, she said, causes undue stress.

Over the next few months, Latouf got a provisional patent and started doing market research. She joined LinkedIn and other online accounts to track down the sales and marketing directors of multinational yoga companies. Then, she started cold calling.

“Some of these massive companies were like ‘Wow. Let us know when it’s packaged and ready to go,'” she said. She plans to wholesale the product to yoga, wellness and chiropractic companies.

Photo by Brandon Grasley

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