Forget the Potato: Jalapeno Chips!

Deanos Jalapenos

After many years of trying to make potato chips taste like jalapenos, the creators of Deano’s Jalapenos decided to ditch the potato all together. Their chips are “non-potato chips” made out of thin slices of jalapeno. The peppers are deep-friend and flavored with sea salt, cheddar or ranch.

We use the freshest jalapenos available, shipped dailey from Texas and New Mexico. Our cheddar coating has just the right flavor to enhance the flavor of the jalapeno, which gives it a nice finish to the chip. Once again there are no potatoes used in Deanos Jalapeno Cheddar Chips. The jalapeno chips are at what “we” call a medium heat level, although each batch is a little different depending on mother nature.

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